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#97: What he texts when you’re upset


You okay baby? :( Max *your guys dog*  misses you. He wants kisses and cuddles, and so do I. I love you i’ll send you noods”


"Cheer up pls. I love you<3 I need you again :-( I miss you cuddles, come cuddle me"


"Y/N you okay? :( Come over I have vegemite and toast. I know you hate those but whatever :P"


"I lava you. pls don’t be mad. I have food and pizza. Pizza and games? c’mon you love playing with me."

-Kelly :] x

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Imma make a pref real quick then I’m done. I sleep soon and i need to go fast

-Kelly :] x

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Anonymous asked: I know you have too many imagines to do but could you plz do a Niall one?

I will tomorrow. I can’t do it write now because it’s late at night and I sleep in 8 minutes.

-Kelly :] x

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Anonymous asked: How are you

I’m great. A little bit tired, but you? 

-Kelly :] x

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"Ew this stuff is yucky," Y/daughter/N scrunches her nose at the inside of the pumpkin and pushes it away.

"We have to clean it out," Ashton tells her and pulls it back towards them as you watch from the stove. "Are you going to help, Y/N?" Ashton asks you and you shrug.

"Sure," you…

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i hope that whenever calum has his first born son his wife puts the newborn in a turtle costume and hands him over to calum and says “be careful with him hes smalla than a bug”