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Hi I'm Kelly. The owner of this blog! I do imagines. Imagines for everybody. Youtubers, 5SOS, One Direction, Yeah. I have shitty writing. I don't write good nope. CO Owners Work here! Nice mates :)!
Anonymous :  request-going to Jays wedding as harrys gf and catching the flowers

Posted<3 xxx

Little family Harry imagine

request-going to Jays wedding as harrys gf and catching the flowers

Thats like all over the internet hahaha Here you go x I’M SORRY IF ITS SHORT. 


"You may now kiss the bride," then Louis Mum and her new husband kissed. Everyone clapped and smiled. You were standing next to Harry, your boyfriend.  

"I’m so proud of Louis," you laughed.

"Aww thanks Y/N," You heard and turned around. Louis hugged you. Harry grabbed you.

"Okay no more hugging my girlfriend," Harry glared at Louis. He chuckled and left. "Your so jealous," you kissed his cheek.

"Well I don’t want him all over MY girlfriend," Harry growled. 

"Well don’t worry! I don’t like him. I only love you okay?" he nodded and kissed your lips. "Hey Y/N!" you and Harry stopped kissing and you saw Louis’ mum calling you over. You looked at Harry and he nodded. You left and walked toward the group of girls/women.

"I wonder if you catch it Sophia," you chuckled. "I’m not marrying Liam!" she hit your arm playfully and giggled. "But I wonder what will happen if YOU catch it?" she said. "Whatever," you laughed. Louis’ mum turned around and threw the bouquet. 

"I mean like I won’t marry him tho-" then you felt your hand, catching something. You looked at your left hand and saw the bouquet. "Look whos getting married!" Sophia yelled and all the women was cheering, and you were laughing. "C’mon Harry!" You saw Louis pushing Harry to you. "We’re not getting m-" "Yes you guys are," then Louis pushed your guys head together, kissing.

"YEAH GO HARRY AND Y/N!" you heard and began laughing. Breaking apart from Harry. "GREAT JOB ON MARRYING Y/N MATE!" Niall hit his back. "Ow!" Harry yelled. "Niall for the last time we’re not married," you laughed. "Are they gonna have a kid?" Liam came. "Yay can I be the babysitter?" Niall jumped in. "YAY OUR LITTLE FAMILY!" Liam yelled. "Why do I even like this band," you groaned. 

-Kelly :) xx

Anonymous :  I hope you feel better Kelly! I'm glad you are taking time for yourself!! much lovexx

Thank you<3 I appreciate it. ILY Thank you so much<3

-Kelly :) xx

Hi guys! So you know Kelly will be gone recovering and we wish her well! But come talk to T and I! Get to know us and tell us about you(: I’m happy to have more friends!

Will be online just for today though then gone for tomorrow till friday xx -Kelly :) xx

I think I’m going to leave the blog for about 3 days… I don’t know. I’ve been getting really lazy lately, and kind of having some problems with my body. I’m getting some panic attacks lately and I had one recently about three minutes ago? I dunno… I’ve been breathing fastly in the afternoon like sometimes daily, and it’s been making me not do imagines that much.

So I’ve been having breathing problems I guess. So I’m gonna leave the blog for Trayana and Megan to do and probably talk to you guys.. I won’t be signing into Tumblr for 3 days, since I need a break and control my panics and breathing. And also refresh and get back to being focused with doing imagines. So i’ll leave the blog tomorrow and Megan and T will be in charge till Friday. You can talk to them I don’t really care. I hope you guys understand:) I’ll be back on Saturday, but I’m on the blog just for today and be back on Saturday<33 -Kelly :) xx

Anonymous :  can you do an imagine where 4/4 boys are over protective cause of your pregnancy

Posted xxxxx

#37: He’s overprotective because of your pregnancy

can you do an imagine where 4/4 boys are over protective cause of your pregnancy



"Y/N i want you to stay home," Calum ordered. "But why can’t I go?" you whined. "The paparazzis are crazy. They’ll push you around and hurt the baby," he kissed your forehead. "Over protective father," you chuckled. "I don’t want the baby to be hurt okay?" he laughed. "Oh you are so overprotected," you said. "Make sure you lay down, and eat food. Don’t get over stressed," he said. "Yeah yeah. I can handle myself you know that?" he smiled and kissed your lips and left.


"Are you okay?" Luke touched your belly. "Luke i’ve been on the couch sleeping.." you laughed. "I’m sorry I just thought you were hurt when I was getting something from the store," he blushed and rubbed his neck. "You’re so cute Luke," you giggled. He was blushing. "I just don’t want the baby to get hurt," he smiled. He kissed your nose. "Just try to be safe alright?" he pouted. "Your overprotected,"


"Y/N?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Ashton yelled, panicking and looking all over you. You stood up and Ashton opened the door, and sighed of relief. "Whoa Ashton," you laughed. "I thought you got hurt!" he yelled. "I didn’t?" you cocked an eyebrow up. "Then what was that loud dropping sound?" he asked. "I dropped my phone?" you said, confusingly. "Don’t scare me like that.." he hugged you. "Ashton what did you think it was?" you laughed. "You hitting the floor, and the baby got hurt," he frowned. "Your so cute when you’re all over protective,"


"No I’ll get it!" Michael walked up on the ladder and grabbed the thing you wanted. "Why didn’t you let me get it?" you frowned. "Because you’ll fall and hit your stomach and hurt the baby," he smiled and gave you the item. "Why you so overprotected? I can handle myself!" you groaned. "Because I love you and don’t want to hurt the kiddy," he giggled and kissed your lips. 

-Kelly :) xx

Anonymous :  do u know where 5SOS was in an interview and they answered twitter questions and stuff in NYC. And like Ashton was playing the guitar in the video? ILY

I actually found it HERE 

-Kelly :) xx

Anonymous :  I know you get probably get lots of imagine requests, but I would really really appreciate if you took the time to make one for me; or well it's for my best friend. You see, it's her sweet 16 birthday soon and she is in love with your imagines, and I really want to surprise her with a personalized imagine just for her special day. I would greatly appreciate if you did a really cute birthdayimagine for her. It would mean so much to me and her if you did this! ( btw, her name is angelica)

I really do haha. And wow omg. Of course! What boy though;)? 

Anonymous :  do you have the video of them in new york? the interviews etc bcs its not on youtube yet and idk where to find it :(

Try here They have all the interviews :D And all the 5SOS stuff that happened. 

-Kelly :) xx

zombiesthatswhat :  Honestly, still not over the fact I've found so many people from Davenport in the past two days.

RIGHT OMFG. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY 5SOS FAN IN DAVENPORT. Apparently there so much people in davenport, which makes me really happy;)<3

-Kelly :) xx

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